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Yes. It’s time we talk about pictures.

As a Fat woman, you learn the fine art of dodging the camera. You avoid pictures, unless it’s a rare occasional celebration, and often influenced by alcohol (at least the few of me as an adult were – either from a drinking party or celebratory nature – engagement, holiday, etc).

Go back and look at the few pics you have left. I know you – you didn’t keep many because you were so ashamed of how FAT you were.

Today. I want you to look past the FAT. Look at your clothing. Look at your hair, makeup, and general demeanor. Were you ugly too? Did you dress poorly or not make yourself look nice because – no matter what you did – ultimately you were fat?

Yep. Me too. I looked horrible. You should see the clothes, they were never fashionable. The hair.. OMG.. how embarrasing… and that smile was one of self doubt.

I challange you to take pictures of yourself now. How’s that smile? How’s your hair? your attire? even if you aren’t fashionable, have you noticed that your glowing with excitement? Life? That you don’t dodge the camera like it’s the flu? I have. I find my self asking for people to take my picture. Ok, so not on days like today when i didn’t even brush my hair… but on days where there’s nothing much going on, it’s ok to take my picture. And I’m more likely to keep the pictures – just because… they don’t offend or make me feel shameful. I am not fat, i’ve still got my skin that reminds me over and over again how badly it feels to be 160lbs over weight. It’s my every day punishment that says – if you over eat or eat bad today you’ll be like this again. No – this isn’t anorexia or anything of that nature but it’s the scars that I will continue to carry until i’m out of child baring age.

In the mean time – This spring – I challange you to take LOTS of pictures! Dress up! Down, Party, Smile, hug your kids, spouse, family members… because today – the camera is not your enemy!


Oh and here’s a recent picture of me, taken from a video i did with my training company… Awe… look at that skinny woman…. (I don’t even recognize her! – my mental image is that i’m still 260 lbs)

siotha vest director of training

AND NO! That is not a photoshopped image – or I would have SKINNY ARMs! (yes, that’s how bad my skin rolls are)


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